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Don't trust Bigipedia (previously)? Want something more trustworthy and less physically possible? Look no further than The Museum of Everything, the eighteen-episode comedy audio sketch series with a dash of magical realism - so don't sweat the impossibility of a provincial museum just off the M3 that's curated by Tom Waits and contains literally everything (except maybe Badgerland (animated episode 3)). Well, not until you get to the... GIFT SHOP. (aaahhh...)
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Who doesn't trust Bigipedia? By simply reading this you are contractually obligated to Trust Bigipedia. This message brought to you by Chianto: "We're not sure, but we call it a beverage."
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Also, this looks like fun, and I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend instead of doomlistening NPR.
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"Sorry that was a good bit! All the kids love Saxon violence!"

This is a lot of fun. Highly recommend! Thanks for posting.
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