The building blocks of the zero-carbon commonwealth.
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... the question isn’t whether the world will decarbonize, but how it will decarbonize - and co-ops are ideal vehicles for pursuing a democratic path to decarbonization. Top-down, technocratic approaches that rely heavily on market logic, such as those pursued by Investor Owned Utilities, tend to favor the rich. Co-ops offer an egalitarian alternative.
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Great article. Private control over public utilities should be banned, it's undemocratic.
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There's also the Public Power (local government owned) option. They've recently been targeted by investors looking to take advantage of cash strapped communities.
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In Italy this model is being implemented on a national scale by one energy collective so far, ènostra (“it’s ours”). It’s such a better solution, cheaper too; it’s slowly but surely catching on. Only a few other European countries have similar large-scale alternatives to the typical handful of big commercial energy providers, there’s such a future in this, it’s one of the few solid things that feel like a beacon in the dark times we’re heading for.
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