"The volcano… is not performing today."
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Tom Scott tried to film an Icelandic volcano and it was a complete disaster (Fagradalsfjall eruption previously). Tom Scott is no stranger to Iceland, having made a number of YouTube videos there, including when he went to check whether the northernmost part of Iceland was still above water, why you can't swim between two continents, and that submerging yourself in power plant wastewater is sometimes a good idea.
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Incidentally, if you go to the webcams, you'll find that the volcano is now performing.
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The story about his difficulties turns out to be way more interesting and informative than a picturesque shot of him in front of some lava.
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I had family there last week. Amazing lava shots in my Instagram, with sound! The volcano is like I imagine Mordor in the high distance, discharging multiple tresses of bright fiery lava for miles, in a place of mountains and wind.
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been following this event since people were standing around the vents.

seeing it develop in realtime over the weeks educated me on how volcanic magma is not just a natural phenomenon like weather or waves, but also creates the actual terrain it is erupting from dynamically as it flows out in an ongoing process.
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The volcano is like I imagine Mordor in the high distance, discharging multiple tresses of bright fiery lava for miles, in a place of mountains and wind.

It turns out orcs are multi-vocational hipsters* from Reykjavik, who were depicted as evil+ugly because of deep-held English resentment of having a good time.

* - (I think it's 'The Geography of Bliss' which gave me the idea that the average Icelander is a mathematician who retired to lead a metal band before becoming mayor of Reykjavik. YMMV.)
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A few years ago I fell in love with an Icelandic band named Kaelan Mikla. They posted some Instagram stories a month or so ago about them going to have a picnic next to the volcano.

I think I've fallen in love with Iceland, too. When the pandemic subsides, and international travel becomes feasible again, I want to go there.
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I did his first hike around 10pm on Monday before a flight out Tuesday morning. It was spectacular. That lava he’s sitting on as he speaks to camera is incredibly blue in person. Like in spots it’s classic MeFi blue. It’s mostly the same color as Hank McCoy from the X Men. Except where it’s red or gray or orange. The crater was roiling and you could hear it from the ridge.

We did 10 days touring the country driving, hiking, in a zodiac, on horseback and in a schooner. The landscape we passed looked variously like Ireland, Scotland, Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii and outer space. The place is lousy with waterfalls and littered with awe-inspiring geologic wonders. It also has the most comprehensive 4G coverage imaginable. Incredible place. Occasionally challenging driving. And, a top shelf YouTube rabbit hole for beautiful scenery.
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Conveniently, in the second webcam people keep wandering up and down the path in the mid-ground, providing a much needed sense of scale. It's amazing to see how fast a mountain can be made!
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One of my heros...
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When the eruption first started in the spring you could hear a different sound, and one I had never encountered before despite much experience with volcanoes and lava from growing up on the big island: the sound of snowflakes evaporating in the air over the hot lava.
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