I believe that Islam as a religion at its core treasured women
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Amel Bashir is little known outside her home country; she is a Sudanese fine artist, who was born in Port Sudan and raised in Jedda and now lives in Khartoum.
A Guardian article and some larger reproductions of her intricate work.
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Revealed religions, whose source is either “from above” or from “an enlightened person” could very well begin free of sexist and/or other negative qualities, but the revelation occurs within a culture and cultures will absorb the revelation into itself and its negative qualities can then form part of the revelation. The treatment of women in both Islam and in Orthodox Judaism is so similar (hiding of hair) that it appears to be born from Semitic culture and not necessarily from the revelation. Plus being a revelation, questioning it and “official” interpretations of it is either restricted or not allowed. She very well might be right.
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Ms. Bashir's works are pretty stunning. I think her story is even more so.
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I'm finding these very powerful somehow, thank you. That she produces these with a ballpoint pen is remarkable.
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