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The TLS relaunched their podcast at the beginning of last winter, with hosts Thea Lenarduzzi and Lucy Dallas. Usually the format is two interviews about an article each in each week’s issue, bracketing a couple of shorter items. Among the subjects covered are Christina de Pisan, Vivian Gornick and Dungeons & Dragons, Agatha Christie and the return of live opera and Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon’s relationship and Arsène Wenger. A word of warning, if you’re prone to buying books, every episode is like a trap set before you, just last Friday I ordered The Luminous Novel by Mario Levrero which was discussed on last week’s episode, along with William Blake.
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Just to be clear, you don’t need to read the TLS to enjoy the podcast.
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Thanks! I have only recently gotten into podcasts (I am only a few decades late to this party) and have often enjoyed bits and pieces from the TLS; I've added this one to the ol' podcast app. (And by the way, if anyone knows where one might buy individual copies in new york city I'd be very grateful to know!)
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TLS: The Times Literary Supplement.
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Now this is more like it.
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I remain undecided on their choice of theme music, but otherwise have generally been pleased with the podcast for finding a good balance in length and focus for the subjects they cover, long enough so it doesn't feel like just a radio segment but something a bit more in depth but not so long that it leaves the speakers rambling on or turning to personal whimsy to maintain interest. The episodes are about the subjects of discussion, not the podcasters themselves, which is one of the main things I'm looking for in a podcast. But that theme music...?
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Cool, just subscribed! Fans of this may also enjoy the LRB podcast which features especially thoughtful and nuanced discussions that deeply explore topics that are also discussed in the magazine.. they tend to give context around books instead of just describing the book.

For a more straight ahead interviews w fairly mainstream authors podcast I enjoy The New York Times Book Review pod.
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gusottertrout: but not so long that it leaves the speakers rambling on or turning to personal whimsy to maintain interest

On the rare occasion that the presenters talk about their personal life, other than the gardening and reading chat at the beginning, it’s always relevant to the subject at hand. You’d think this was standard, but in the context of cultural podcasts, that’s incredibly rare.
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Yah, the post really did make my day, and presumably more. I've been set up to receive emails from TLS and a number of the other long standing reviews, LRB, NYRB, etc, but keep forgetting about the podcasts when they're exactly the kind of thing I really enjoy. I mean, sure, I'm one of those wierdos who used to look forward to the weekend so I could watch Book TV on CSPAN, so hardly representative, I'd just forgotten how much I used to enjoy things like this and how big a void not having it was. The links and reminder is much appreciated!
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Though I will say that this podcast serves to increase my to-read pile, which reduces the amount of time I have for podcast listening, and I can’t decide whether counts as a virtuous or a vicious circle.
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I listened to the Russell Hoban episode. I really like this podcast! I agree, the editing is nice: allows for some depth while leaving you wanting more. Presents an informed and thoughtful opinion/perspective while still gives an open minded vibe. The music seems fine to me!
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But that theme music...?


It was thanks to Kattullus that I discovered the Literature and History podcast series, and that opening theme is corny as hell.. one of the clunkiest things.. "lit-er-ature annd hissto-rree dot cooommmm"

The musical extras are gold though.. anyhow, looks like another stellar podcast recommendation from MetaFilter, always glad to find these!
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