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Following up on their award winning documentary on the history of the Seattle Mariners, Jon Bois and his compatriots at Secret Base now turn their eyes to Atlanta to dissect the Dirty Birds themselves, the Falcons. (SLYT)
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Jon Bois could make the white pages of the phone book interesting.
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Jon Bois is one of the few people who can get away with using Hobbes as their twitter avatar without it coming off as pretentious.

I think he's earned it.
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Haven't watched this yet but I will and I am in no way knocking this because Bois is the best but it makes me so sad that he's postponed 20021.
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I saw that and thought this post was for some new take on a Coltrane tune. :/
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well, sign me up completely
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Part 1 starts with a look at the first decade of the franchise.
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Part 2 up now: Have you heard the Good News?

The line about Jesus "going undrafted out of Nazareth" is a classic.
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Part 3 is up: The rudest team in NFL history
Today we learn that Jerry Glanville dresses "like two 8-year-olds trying to get into Showgirls"
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One of the things that I appreciate about this is while I was aware of the Atlanta Falcons, I have never paid that much attention to them. I mean, I knew who Deion Sanders was, but not that he was a two-sport threat.

Also craft that Secret Base has is astounding. They're making a fascinating narrative out of their voices, charts, and still photos—something a lot of movies and TV shows fail to do with millions of dollars worth of special effects.
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Part 4, in which the Falcons gain their infamous epithet.
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Part 5, in which we recount the tenure of the worst NFL coaching hire.
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My favorite promo from Jon yesterday, about Part 5. It has a picture of Bobby Petrino, and the caption:
in tomorrow’s episode of The History of the Atlanta Falcons we will be talking about god’s most perfect angel, an extraordinarily beloved and well-respected man who has never done anything wrong
The replies indicate that Jon might be funning a little bit there. :)
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