A Film On Possibility
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British trancecore band Enter Shikari spent the last few days releasing a series of mini-documentaries, partially about the making of their 2020 album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible [YouTube playlist], but more interestingly about the state of humanity's existence in the 21st century, what lies ahead, the challenges we face today, and how our systems in place now tend to bring out the worst in us.

A Film On Possibility: 1 - EXISTENTIAL RISK (20m), 2 - THE NATURAL WORLD (26m), 3 - SOCIETY (28m), 4 - STRUCTURE (28m)

Enter Shikari are a four-piece rock band from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England comprised of lead singer Rou Reynolds, bassist Chris Batten, drummer Rob Rolfe, and guitarist Rory Clewlow.
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My favorite moment is from part 4. George Monboit says, "...For most of my adult life I've railed against types of capitalism. I've railed against crony capitalism and I've railed against consumer capitalism and I've railed against corrupt capitalism and I've railed against excessive capitalism, and it's taken me a long time to see that the problem is not the adjective, it's the noun. What is driving us towards disaster is capitalism, and it's very hard to say that because attacking capitalism in the 21st Century is like attacking God in the 19th Century."
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As a species we are playing a dangerous game. Even the strategy of turtling in Australia may not save us this time.
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#3 George Fenton "they're almost post everything". What a find, thanks glonous keming Just glanced at start of #4, wow!, they know how to associate imagery

Have to come back in a few days/weeks but I've been seeking out meaningful music for a couple years, been looking for musicians that echo RATM, protest music that moves people - dancefloor and society, music than means - I didn't think of trance variations - more hiphop, grime, drill (Devlin) and artists like King Krule. For me it usually ends up being from UK (I'm from there so easier to associate with I think); Sleaford Mods, Devlin, Shame...
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I found it really weird trancecore bands would actually be a thing, but I got this trancecore confused with the "other kind" which is often called 'freeform hardcore'.
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Had no idea about them or trancecore. Just a little ways into the first one and I have to say I'm really impressed. They seem sincere, they fully get the political implications and social importance of rave, and are really good at making short and compelling documentaries. I haven't quite warmed up to their studio music but OMG it seems like they would put on an incredible show. Getting some Die Antwoord vibes in terms of the hybrid styles, but more pop-punk and way less gutterpunk.
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Last year when I posted their pandemo for Satellites I ended up getting carried away and wrote up a little overview of their discography which I will re-link here if anyone wants more background on their other releases.
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I am exactly not in the mood for this right now but I know I will be soon! Thanks for posting, and I look forward to watching.
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I'm quite enjoying this, but my ironic sense of humor couldn't help but notice that they're doing an album about environmental devastation yet they flew to Prague to record an orchestra.
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well i hope they don't plan on walking to the show i bought a ticket for in Washington DC next April. if they do they better start out now.
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I'm not suggesting they go all Greta and come by solar powered sailboat, but it IS possible to go from the UK to Prague by rail.

The likelihood of them walking to DC, or even taking the train, is pretty slim, really.
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So, I enjoyed the short films, and I quite like the album (enough that I might buy it). I hope maybe this inspires people to make drastic moves to change our current trajectory. But there are no market-based solutions to the climate crisis, and unless their fans are going to become part of a movement for radical, disruptive change, I don't know what effect any of this is going to have.
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Wow, tickets for their shows are stupid cheap! They're hitting my corner of the country Easter weekend. I might try to get someplace to see them. I do think they are probably very amazing live.
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If it seems like something you'd enjoy, you should! DC will be my 4th or 5th time, first was around 2015 on the Mindsweeper tour. Maybe I just like them more each time but it seems they get better every time. There's a lot of live show film out there, I think the fan favorite is the official, profressionally produced Live at Alexandra Palace from 2017.

Here in the states where they're not particularly well-known the venues tend to be small and intimate. At the ones I've been to there's usually a smallish mosh pit and then sometimes in the breaks all the moshers hug each other and slap backs and fist-bump. Here's me taking a selfie in the middle of Rou singing amongst the crowd in 2019. I love how happy everyone looks in that photo.
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Yeah, I know the venues they're playing in this area, and any of them would be great for them. I've made friends with bands touring rooms that size. It's fun.

I have no idea what the world will be like in April 2022, but I could see enjoying this band live. Maybe I'll take a road trip.
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It was a 9 hour drive for me to Nashville. I was certain I was gonna be the most-traveled to be there other than the band itself, but no. While waiting for the doors to open up I made friends with 2 guys from Australia.

For DC I think I'll just take the train. ;)
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