Drawing a Synthesizer in MIDI
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In 19 seconds, GLASYS does just that in a pleasing way. [SLYT]

Further demonstrating how the musically inclined can illustrate their connection with music.
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I read the title over and over, thinking there must have been a mistake and trying to imagine what it could actually refer to.

Nope. What it says on the tin. Mind blown. (And what cool sounds!)
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fuckin whoa
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Thank you! I had lost track of a song (this one, "Slow Things Down") and remembered only that the artist was "glass something". Could not find it.

Then I read In 19 seconds, GLASYS... and I'm like, pointing_rick_dalton.jpg, that's it! Thanks!
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Made me think of Jacob Collier.
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Tin said. OP deliv'd.
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Damn I want a keyboard that looks like his. Except for letters instead of notes.
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the vertical lines are so perfect!
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Loved him ever since he came to the rescue and made the Utopia tour of 2018 happen. Amazingly talented and as sweet and humble as can be. Here's an interview with him.

Enjoy the song he wrote on the spot with singer Mia Jones while they were on "tour" last year, and other good stuff at his site
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