Never try to hold lava in your hands, especially not in the real world.
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A handy guide to the rocks and minerals of Minecraft. (SL labor of love from Jolyon Ralph of, "the world's largest open database of minerals, rocks, meteorites and the localities they come from.")
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I was not expecting that to be fun to read but it has a very engaging tone. Now I want all the minerals and gems explained to me.
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I only know Minecraft by reputation, but that was still an interesting read.

Loved the "Interesting fact" and "Boring fact."
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I'll forward this to the kids and we'll see if they cotton on to the fact that it's educational while it's still summer holidays...
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It’s a pity this article doesn’t cover the most recent update, which added not only copper ore, oxidized copper, amethyst, stalagmites, tuff, and calcite, but is also part of a plan to extend the world downwards with a massive layer of compressed slate.
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As a geologist, I thoroughly approve! Great find and already forwarded to the Minecraft-playing kids in my life 👍
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Minecraft: it isn’t rock science.
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My Minecraft-obsessed kid often asks me about particular Minecraft materials and whether they exist in the real world. We had a chat just the other day about whether obsidian is a suitable material for swords or armour (it's not really, being essentially a glass). I was lucky enough to have a hefty chunk of obsidian in a drawer, which I found when I was his age.
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This was better than I was expecting. Now I'm plotting out the nearest stone museum for my minecrafters.
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Ooh, I used to write with Jolyon! I knew he was a bit of a rockhound, but that's an understatement. Last I heard of him (which dates things to ~1990) he was happily selling me and UK defence services Quantum hard drives. Apparently these were the only devices that survived missile tests for drogue aircraft.
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Oh nice. I wonder how many people have become more interested in geology due to Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft?

I know I've learned a bunch from the Dwarf Fortress wiki since it lists real world uses and traits alongside the in-game ones, so I'm actually learning what minerals are iron ores and such.
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We had a chat just the other day about whether obsidian is a suitable material for swords or armour (it's not really, being essentially a glass).

Macuahuitl is not quite a sword, more like a club with blades wedged in, but I think the kids would still get a kick out of it. Still one of my favourite weapons, Morrowind had Glass swords and I wondered the same way as your kids did about it obsidian in MC.
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