"Right here, right now. This is history"
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“This is history,” Noel told the crowd… “I thought it was Knebworth,” replied Liam. On August 10, 1996, Oasis played the first of two shows at Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, to a combined total of 250,000 people.
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The Oasis Knebworth show is part of a plot point in my very favorite TV show (My Mad Fat Diary), and I, being too young to know better, always assumed it was fictional for some reason. TIL it was a real thing (and a huge thing at that)!
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The recent Netflix show This Is Pop has an episode entirely devoted to Britpop where, obviously, Oasis is featured heavily; I never thought of myself as an Oasis fan and was surprised to realise in retrospect just how heavily they featured in the soundtrack of my late teens and early twenties. I still remember being a terrified first year during my first couple of weeks at university, sitting in awkward silence in the Student Union with a few other terrified first years with none of us knowing what to say to each other, when suddenly Champagne Supernova came onto the radio, and one by one we all started singing along. Don't remember any of the people with whom I shared that moment, but I do remember how not-lonely-and-awkward I felt for those few minutes.
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Oasis had a good crop of very well written crowd singalong anthems, a handful of real classics, and a lot of Beatles pastiche.
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It was no Spike Island.
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It took me a second to realize Bootleg Beatles refers to an actual Beatles tribute band that played at the show, not Oasis.
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And so now we're not talking
Except we have tickets
to see Blur in October
and I think we're still going
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I could have gone but I didn't and I still don't care.
I'm still annoyed at not seeing The Blue Nile on tour that year though.
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I'm still annoyed at not seeing The Blue Nile on tour that year though.

Oooh, you should be. Seeing them at the Roxy (LA) was one of the top highlights of my concert-going life and featured this wonderful exchange:

Someone in the crowd: Paul! We love you!
Paul: Ah, but love never lasts, does it?
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The first show at Knebworth was the first real gig I went to, and it did the job satisfactorily.
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