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Just another crazy person's site, but I catch myself wasting way too much time here, so maybe you will too. The guy's name is David Blomstrom if I remember right and he really really really cares about Seattle Public Schools. It's his thoughts on the issue that are intriguing though; he's very right about somethings, horribly wrong about others and crazy as hell through out.o
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I'd be more interested in this site if the navigation wasn't so god awful. Scanning each bit of text with my mouse to see if it is a link is not on my list of things to do today.
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Evil thrives when good men do nothing.
(from the TV series Touched by an Angel)

Hahahahah, I'm glad he attributed the quote to the original author.

Sigh.... it's like the high school girl who gave a book report and quoted R. Kelly as saying "greater love has no man than he that lays down his life for a friend."

This is kind of creepy too. The difference between this guy and me is I don't post to the web 99% of the things that flash through my mind. Obviously, he does.
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I sometimes think that the sanity of a site is inversely related to the number of font types and colors used. Makes me wonder if statistical filtering [from /.] could be used to identify insane sites without having to look at them (but, of course, one man's insanity is another man's political position).
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i'm a public school teacher, and i run across all kinds of passionate people who are convinced they know what's wrong and how to fix it. school issues are always hot-button because children are involved, not to mention a great deal of money. are most aware many political careers begin by running for school board?

generally speaking, the smaller the reform idea or the closer to the classroom the initiative, the more successful. the large, sweeping, change the world folks (like this site) are doomed to irrelevance.

want to help public education? volunteer in your local school.
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Well, he's no Sam Sloan but maybe I'll have a read here and there anyway.... :)
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