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In the newest Fumble Dimension, Jon and Kofie pull the man, the myth, the legend - Clarence BEEFTANK - out of retirement to see if they can create an eternal play in Madden.
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Given his growth spurt, Beeftank has been drinking his milks.
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I wish I liked fumble dimension in general more than I do -- it really should be up my alley in every way -- but this, at least, was excellent. loved that both of them ruined runs by just throwing a pass, loved the classic breaking madden energy of dumb, glitchy stuff happening both because of the situation they've engineered and also just because madden is a dumb mess
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I love Beefy
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But, and I haven't watched the whole thing yet, isn't this the same thing he did with Johnny Manziel in Breaking Madden?
I mean, I'm still gonna watch the whole thing, regardless.
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I appreciate that they are honest that making football go on even longer would not improve it.
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Wait, Breaking Madden was most recently in 2015? Faawwwkkkk. Well, anyways, Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles 4 Lyfe. Glad Jon Bois is still doing his fever-dream sports hallucinations.
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This was great. Kofie has such a particular style of dry wit that I just cannot get enough of. Sure, Jon is great as well, don't get me wrong, but I could watch Kofie doing this kind of thing forever.
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"Did you have fun?"
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I’m 50% sure at 1:23 when they show “Back to the Future” it’s the Eric Stoltz as McFly.

Hilarious and nightmarish. Someone else said it here, but Jon Bois is the only person I am ok with using Hobbes as his avatar on Twitter.
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oh thank you so much. I have never laughed harder than I have at a few of the Breaking Maddens, and Beeftank in particular.

He is the hero we need in 2021.
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Goes back to waiting for 20021
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