Three and/or Sixty-One Literary Bears
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Patricia Lockwood (LRB, 08/12/2021), "Pull Off My Head": "Is Bear one of those 1970s books about growing out your armpit hair? Kind of, but not only. Is it a metaphor for our relationship to nature? Fuck off." Marlena Williams (LitHub, 10/23/2020), "Sylvia Plath... Nature Writer?": "'The Fifty-Ninth Bear' taught me about the darker, sulfuric thing bubbling under the surface of love, and I became a person suspicious of heterosexual romance, uninterested in marriage." Naomi Ishiguro (Granta, 02/03/2020), "Bear": "For a moment I was almost proud of her, even if it did mean we had to bring back this vast sixty-five-pound bear, to share our home with us."
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The Bear Comes Home is another literary bear.
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This is the literary wtfery revival 2021 needs right now.
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It's Jeff Vandermeer's beariverse. We're just living in it:
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I have a ridiculously large teddy bear I keep in the spare bedroom. His name is Tony.
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Really enjoyed the Marlena Williams piece!

But can a bear “gore” you? I thought only a bull can do that.
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I mean, I guess bears have pointy claws and teeth. Very pointy.
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In this case, the comment (or letter, in LRB terms) seems to be worth reading.
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Another stunner from Patricia Lockwood, who is firmly among my favorite writers of her (my) generation.

I defy Stephen Marche (from the previous thread on Sally Rooney) to read her, and tell me she doesn't have a "Voice."
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Oh god this book. It's a whole universe of a discussion about lit. For a decent contemporary take from it's homeland (where it's a big deal) see this recent piece or this hour long podcast/show from CBC Ideas.

I mean, Lockwood is right about the cover, it's something, but it's not the original cover.

I'll note that this bear book won the highest literary award in Canada.
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I moved to Kingston, Ontario, several years ago, and a while back dimly remembered a children's book called My Name Is Not Odessa Yarker, about a kid whose sibling gives her that nickname after they drive past a highway sign pointing out the distances to the towns of Odessa and Yarker (both are just outside Kingston; this sign, if it existed once, does not any more).

I was surprised and delighted to find out that it was written by Marian Engel, author of Bear, which I dimly remembered as a book I was Not Supposed To Read when I was a kid.

Just mentioning as an odd outlier in the interesting career of Canada's #1 author of softcore bear/human porn -- she was kind of like Canada's inverse Judy Blume, like if Blume was remembered mostly for Wifey and Superfudge was the odd book out.
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Wow; I haven't thought of this book since 1976. Back then, my mother and I went to the bookmobile on Friday nights when everybody else was at the High School's football game. Nobody payed attention to what I read, and I liked animal stories, so I read this. I got the message that men were more brutish than bears, and that the whole plot was pretty unlikely. But I also understood that no woman before this author had ever had these thoughts, and hadn't been allowed to have these thoughts until this particular decade and that I too could have thoughts that women before couldn't have.
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