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The archive department of Fremantle Media, the company that owns the Thames Televison archive and brand, has been posting its contents the Thames TV YouTube Channel for some time. It contains playlists by subject, and a compilation of the iconic Thames Television station identification from 1968 to the 2000s.

A small sample from among the nearly 3,000 videos uploaded to date:


1980's Computer fraud | Computer Hacking | TV Eye | 1983

How to send an 'E mail' - Database - 1984


Concorde | Supersonic Aircraft | The Plane Makers | This week | 1968

The rise of foreign cars | Common Market | Vintage cars | Drive In | 1974

The dangers of leaded petrol | Fossil Fuels | Environments Impact | Money Go Round | 1982

The EU Common Market

Joining the common market | Common Market |The case against | 1971

Legal Loopholes | German Butter Ships | Common Market | TV Eye | 1979

Common Market | Common Fisheries Policy | Scottish Fishing |TV Eye | 1983


1970s Romania | Transylvania | 1970s Bucharest | Mamaia | 1979

1980s Brighton | British Seaside | East Sussex | Brighton | Wish you were here? 1988

1980s Toronto | Ontario | Niagara Falls | 1980s Canada | Wish you were here? | 1982

1990s Isle of Man | Manx | Manx Electric Railway | Wish you were here?|1993

Vintage Amsterdam| The Netherlands | Finding out | 1973

World Affairs

Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

Pakistan | Russian Occupation of Afghanistan | China | TV Eye | 1980

Kabul under siege | Afghanistan | Taliban | This Week | 1989


Mary Berry | Steak and Kidney pie recipe | How to make a meat pie | 1976

British Biscuit production | Chocolate Digestives | Production line | British food industry | 1991


Dangers of Cannabis | 1970s Britain | Wootten Report | This Week | 1970

David Bowie | Interview | Afternoon plus | 1979

What is youth culture | Have your say | Mods | Punks | 1980s Youth | White Light | 1980

Sex in Soho | 1980s Soho | 1980s London | Thames Reports | London |1981

1980s Rave | Raving | Dancing | 1980s Music Scene | Thames Reports | 1989
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This is quite a treasure trove, but if we’re talking custom startup tones for one’s 90s-era computer, surely it would have been London Weekend Television idents 1969-1995. [end derail]
posted by theory at 3:48 PM on September 23, 2021

Ah, I was right, Thames Television produced The Tomorrow People, which is how I knew their station ID.
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And Danger Mouse! Nickelodeon licensed tons of Thames stuff back in the day.

That Thames ident compilation is hypnotic and calming, and then suddenly SLAM it's a masterclass in burning your brand identity to the ground
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oh my god now I'm watching this old episode of Data Base about "Japanese Home Computers" and the host has just started by reminding his viewers that there will be a program for the BBC micro transmitted at the end of the program so they should get their cassette recorders ready and i think i'm in looooovvvve
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[urgent record scratch noise] I am sorry to interrupt whatever party you are currently having but I would like to insist that you watch the Japanese Home Computers segment I just linked above because whenever you think "I've gotten to the best part" a better part immediately comes up and oh my god how is this national treasure only six minutes long
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The Thames trumpet logo video was like a pavlovian trigger of Benny Hill. it's as if the whole wind section went from a serious announcement to well you know. but the good news about that and totally unrelated was after Benny Hill twice got to watch The Prisoner. I think I'm going to look into the dangers of cannabis first. thanks for this.
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Speaking of Pavlovian triggers, yes, the Thames logo meant that some quality stuff was about to air on US public tv.
But the ITC's spinning pinwheel in space meant it was time for Space: 1999!
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The Thames ID always makes me think Benny Hill is about to come on.
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Looks like the other UK weekend franchise has its archive online as well.
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Watched the Frankie Howerd interview. Sadly, he never once seemed to get past the prologue.
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There's some real gems!

Check this incredible synth in "Thamesmead | 1970s London | Tower Blocks | A Town of the 21st Century | 1976" from the section 'Tower Blocks / Housing Estates' (give it a minute).

Also some decent ambient in "'1980s London | Blocks of flats | Housing estate | London | CB-TV | 1984.' There's so much B-roll and found-footage in this channel.
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Thanks! Currently six Judith Chalmers-presented Mary Berry cooking segments in, and sometimes they're friendly, sometimes Berry's terseness teeters on snottiness.
So now there's this compelling will-they-or-won't-they chemistry, because it's not like I've watched enough TV with that dynamic already.
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I love the 1980 Batcave clip. Can anyone identify the music?
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ITC's spinning pinwheel in space will always mean The Muppet Show to me.
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I read the title and saw "Thames" and I actually could hear the music in my head. Between Channel 9's Thames block on Sunday nights (where I first watched "Are You Being Served?" and "'Allo 'Allo", both far too young to get the jokes), Nickelodeon (Danger Mouse and Tomorrow People), and PBS (the Fourth Doctor), it really is burned into parts of my head.
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The Thames ID always makes me think Benny Hill is about to come on.

Instantly sets off the Count Duckula theme for me!
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And here I just thought the choco ration had just been doubled!
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