Death to the Prince of Darkness!
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Death to the Prince of Darkness! I have never been prouder to live in CT. We're finally getting some REALLY DIRTY politics.
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This guy is a glorified thug. He's about as honest as his eyes and when you take a look at John Rowland's eyes, be careful you don't regurgitate...
cool! too bad it was some fundy who said that.
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In the 6 years that I've lived here, I've never seen so many rich-folk bickering about politics. In Stamford, the political spectrum is oddly aligned North to South: The further North you go, the further you get entrenched in old money, and even older political power.

South of I-95, you get ramshackle neighborhoods. I walk to work through that neighborhood, and have to watch where I step, lest I land on broken glass or vomit from the night before. North of the Merrit Parkway, you get the "North Stamford" area, as well as the townships of New Canaan and North Darien, where people habitually speak with the "Jaws Wired Shut" inflection. NC is also the home of Anthrax Coultier.

In the flux of this area, we're full of contradictions: We have a Democratic mayor who has repeatedly slashed education budgets for the city, in favor of new city development projects (read: Huge parking ramp for the metro-north train station). We have a Democratic Senator that preaches from the floor of Congress against anyone that would malign God by proposing that we remove His presence from government. We have a Repulican Governor, but the highest income taxes, property taxes, and gas taxes in all 50 states (.40 a gallon. I pay 6000.00 a year in property taxes).

dogs and cats, living together. Mass hysteria.
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Let's get this straight... so when an obvious religious fundamentalist goes off on a ridiculous tangent against an incumbent Republican, then according to Drudge, the entire Democratic Party has sunk to the newest depths of depravity.

However, when the brother of the president hires a guy who, oh, say, thiks his religion favors beating children, it's a singular belief that was taken out of context years ago. Oh, and just remember, the president was just young and irresponsible.

Saying "liberal activist Ned Coll" speaks for the whole of the DNC is like saying "conservative author Ann Coulter" speaks for the whole of the GOP, or that "hack journalist Matt Drudge" speaks for the Murrow Foundation.
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Ever get tired of the media saying that YOU don't like dirty, filthy, nasty, wicked and awful political campaigns?

Just about everybody I knows LOVES a disgusting, mean-spirited, tricky, swinish brawl. I mean, really! That's why you aren't supposed to discuss politics and religion in public, to avoid the fistfights. C'mon, take off them gloves!
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i just like funny shit on the news ... and if these cats deliver, they have my support!

but not my votes, as i am not that interested in a healthy democracy.
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I suppose it's entirely possible that he's the prince of darkness. After all, we're that state where the "truth" behind this film happened, and the home of world-famous demonologists. Not to mention Satan's Kingdom. And we had our own little slice of the Enron scandal. More federal indictments than you can count. Oh, and the angry Whalers fans. You see? A state teeming with demons, Enron, rampant cronyism, and the man dares to piss off hockey fans. I say he's the evil one or, at the very least, a close personal friend.
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