All day long, all day long, on the chaise longue
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Still looking for a song of the summer? Allow me to recommend Wet Leg's debut single Chaise Longue, which a commenter describes as "like if Anne of Green Gables invented punk." And if you're still looking for fashion inspiration after that, their follow-up suggests... dressing like an Amish lobster? Sexy silly fun stuff all around.
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yes yes yes YESSSS

Also, a birder friend of mine swears that the weird dance Hester starts doing about the 80 second mark in the Chaise Longue video is some kind of territorial dance. Possibly a grey heron.
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Every few years, I have to point out: be careful about mixing “sexy” and “lobster.” The urine-soaking you may save might be your own.
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I have NOT been able to get these songs out of my head for weeks! Also I have questions. Lobster questions

They’re touring! Nowhere near me, alas.
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I really like Chaise Longue and it does my heart good to see a rock song going viral in these blighted days of pop blergh. Unfortunately at this point I'm old enough that I can't help flashing forward to 10 years from now when one of these women is a realtor and literally nobody knows where the other one is. Sorry to be all doomy-gloomy, but it seems like every promising band I've seen in the last 20 years or so has ended with somebody quietly working an unglamorous, anonymous day job and somebody else dead or MIA. I really hope these ladies don't split up acrimoniously one terrible afternoon when they find themselves second-billed to a puppet show.
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Amish lobster

Least popular Halloween costume ever
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The Buffalo '66 DVD pickup line in Wet Dream is hilarous and speaks volumes about the man.
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The Isle of Wight does turn out some charmingly odd bands. I mean, a tiny island producing them and Trixie's Big Red Motorbike?
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I've been hitting up Chaise Longue for weeks now. I love passing it on to people and enjoying their reactions - usually something along the lines of "so good!"

We all need to hear about getting the Big D and having fun on the chaise longue. I'm really looking forward to the album when it drops.
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These are great, thanks for posting. I noticed that the YouTube algorithm queued up The Chats Pub Feed as the next song after Chaise Longue; I can see the connection for sure.
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Feels like I ought to be doing coke, or some arcane speed analog, while listening to this. Like, maybe Vitalic ought to be playing in the other room and the lights are set low, the AC is running full blast and everyone is wearing leather.
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I heard Wet Leg's Wet Dream and here (live and more explicit) two weeks ago on Otago Uni Radio, at first I thought they were Kiwi as it has such a blend of nihilism + joy + totally-awake-to-the-worldness that's so common to our sounds, blown away they're from IOW - they sound more or less like girls in my high-school - not far from there.

Ursula, IDK I think the time is right now in the UK for different sounds - even somewhat lighter like this, there's some wild noises of life coming out now - goodness know the place needs it
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hah! i heard this the other day and really liked it. glad i am not alone.
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Good stuff.

As an aside, how did I reach age 54 without actually looking at the letter-order in the word "longue"?(I've never spoken the word(s) out loud, and when reading--given the nature of the furniture in question--automatically moved the "u" to make it "lounge". I learned something today, an actual accomplishment in a year without many. Yay me.)
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"Chaise lounge" is how a lot of people refer to the furniture, on account of the Battle of Agincourt and/or historio-lingual confusion.
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These songs are wonderful. I first heard about Wet Leg from Mark Kermode on Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.

It made me realize that whatever shreds of hipness that I may have clung on to, they are finally gone now that I’m getting my cool new band recommendations from middle-aged men on talk radio.
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Steve Lamacq is a big fan of Wet Leg and has been playing Chaise Longue for ages. He had them live on his BBC 6 Music show on Monday (a bit after the two hour mark). I suspect that's a UK-only link, I'm afraid :-(
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Yes! Yes to this. Thank you for sharing it!
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The husband found out about them from the Kermode and Mayo show, and then passed it on to me, and now every time I say "Excuse me" to the cat, I expect him to say "What?"
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Local station (Minnesota Public Radio) has had this on heavy rotation for quite a while now, and I have to say - (a) it’s a lovely earworm and it hits me just right, more please, plus (b) this kind of thing makes me SO happy that I actually have a damn fine local radio station, because even though I am officially a middle-aged person I still get to hear the hot new music before 90% of the rest of the country knows the band even exists.

Music selected by humans, not by algorithms, is the best kind of radio. Well worth the monthly donation to help keep my public radio station alive.
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And where did they find a house that looks like Totoro?
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Iggy Pop likes it too
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I get a little bit of an Elastica vibe from it. Like it very much!
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Never underestimate the power of girls, a wicked riff, and a wanton disregard for what anyone else thinks.

Very very promising.
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Yeah, these young ladies sold out both the scheduled shows in NYC, like, in minutes. A little bit Runaways, a little bit Elastica, and all good!

The OTHER cool female-fronted band from Isle of Wight these days is Coach Party, and their current single is a "fuck you!" take on men who share nudes of their exes with their friends. The video for it is... cathartic.
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Iggy Pop likes it too

At the end he mentions how he likes Sons of Kemet and The Comet is Coming, which I just randomly discovered last week and have been playing all morning (and you should too because they are seriously amazing) but have nothing to do with sexy amish lobsters and as far as I can tell have not cropped up in this thread so far.

There must be some German word for the feeling of confusion you get when two entirely unrelated browser tabs seem to merge of their own accord.
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Metafilter: Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
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Would you like us to assign someone to worry your mother? -- great line
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unearthed: "here (live and more explicit) "

Love how Rhian is barely keeping a straight face throughout her performance, and they do a little head side-to-side looking at each other at 0:40 that just kills me.
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Chaise Longue's straight faces and all-concealing headgear made me think of the Pet Shop Boys' visual presentation in their own videos. Can't imagine Chris Lowe dancing like that, though!
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signal: "unearthed: "here (live and more explicit) ""

Also: when she sings 'mommy, daddy, look at me', it's literal, her mummy and daddy are probably in the audience. And the shot of said audience at the end is both the most and the least punk rock audience in the history of music.
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