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Bo Burnham + Queen. Therese Curatolo and the Scary Pockets crew (featured previously on the blue) bring you an incredibly satisfying mash-up of Bo Burnham's All Eyes On Me and Queen's Under Pressure. (earworm warning?)
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It's been months since Inside came out, and I'm still seeing new artistic responses to it on the regular. Just since the last thread:

Phoebe Bridgers does a beautiful live cover of That Funny Feeling

OUTSIDE: a fantastic series of mashups between the show and contemporary pop songs that tweak the vibes in very interesting ways

A two-part chiptune compilation (part one - part two)

The HCA's sizzle reel for Burnham's win of the inaugural Virtuoso Award

And of course don't miss the two in-depth video essays in the last few FPPS: F.D Signifier on Bo Burnham's Inside and "White Liberal Performative Art" and CJ the X's incredibly dense "Bo Burnham vs. Jeff Bezos"

Also, Inside (The Songs) is now available for pre-order on CD and vinyl!

(PS: That "sort of book" thing I mentioned previously is still in progress -- very close to being done before I got sidetracked by some very on-the-nose internet BS. But it will hopefully be done before this thread closes and if so I will post it here in addition to Projects!)
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That worked surprisingly well, all things considered.
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