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Chindogu is the ancient Japanese art of the Unuseless Invention -- that is, a creation which seems like a great idea, but which, in reality, causes more inconvenience than it cures. Behold the almost handy Backstratcher's T-Shirt, the Eyedrop Funnel Glasses, the Butter Stick and the Kitty Dust Slippers. Because everyone enjoys a good Unuseless Invention, I have given this book as a gift more than any other.
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My Chindogu: a tiny toilet roll dispenser (about 4 cm. across) which would be mounted next to your sink and filled with tiny papers rolls of a corresponding size. After shaving, a gentleman can tear off tiny 2 x 2 cm squares of tissue to apply to his various nicks and cuts.

Of course this isn't a real Chindogu. After all, the Ten Tenets of Chindogu clearly state that "a Chindogu must exist" -- that is to say, if I want to make this into a real Chindogu (and perhaps parlay it into admission in the International Chindogu Society), I would have to actually create my Shaving Toilet Paper Dispenser. Maybe someday.
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Wouldn't many dot.coms fit the definition?
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My "Butter Stick" link failed, but you can find an image of it -- along with a whole bevy of other Chindogu -- right here.
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Actually, Chindogu_5 (the suction cup hat with sign) is not too far removed from the reality of the Tokyo subway. I used to see quite a few sarariiman passed out drunk on the train with a little sign around their neck that indicated which stop to kick them out. What would make the hat truly useful is to hang a barf bag off of it, so the drunks could heave into that instead of all over the floor of the subway car.
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The butter stick is not chindogu!
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