"Watch out, it's the Priest."
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Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake - The Priest.

"[Marr] is best known for being the founder member, songwriter and guitarist in The Smiths."

"'The Priest’ is based upon the characters that Joe Gallagher met on the streets in the first few days after becoming homeless in Edinburgh. Gallagher wrote a diary of his experiences for the Big Issue under the pseudonym James Campbell when he first became homeless in May 2015 and continued until he found a new home in March 2016."
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Hauntingly beautiful.
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I'm glad to see Johnny Marr is doing something interesting, but it is an odd choice to have a woman present the experience of a unhoused man as if it were hers. It seems to me that the experience of unhoused women, particularly young women, and unhoused men are just fundamentally different. I have never had to sleep on the street but I definitely have been given nicknames by sketchy dudes out in public and "Priest" is... unrealistically benign.
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it is an odd choice to have a woman present the experience of a unhoused man as if it were hers.

Why? I genuinely don't understand. Are we precluded from understanding the experience of a homeless man just because a woman is acting it out? It may indeed be that the experiences of homeless men and women are fundamentally different, but I don't see why we would lose sight of this because a woman happens to be playing the part of a homeless man.
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Johnny Marr, the ace gentleman who will be remembered as being the decent and good keeper of the Smiths' legacy.
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We've discussed this film previously on the blue (but it's well worth a repeat). The first link in that earlier thread has a Guardian article discussing the project's background.
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The actress in the video is Molly Windsor.
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