The affirmation trap & the overconfidence man.
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The Dilletant Army issue, Mission Accomplished, presents essays and poetry on the topic of hollow and premature declarations of victory, largely involving US government officials.
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I only got 5/8 on the quiz, but am enjoying the other articles!
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At first I thought Sara Jaffe author of "Minor Victories: Labor Exploitation and the “Affirmation Trap” which is a surprisingly comprehensive review of labor moving to better exploit wage gaps was Sarah Jaffe singer of Bad Baby, but no, they are different people but each amazingly talented in their own way. The only thing I can offer is if your last name is Jaffe, name your daughter Sara and she will be among the best at whatever she does.

The Overconfidence Man is also a great read- check out the conclusion:

" This is an overconfidence man misreading himself as a confidence man. It is both tiring and rude to reject someone else’s false reality, and most people are tired and polite. As long as you are the one to whom power will default if no one does anything—and in a great many social and romantic situations, this is the white man—you do not really have to weave an ingenious web of lies."
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