Debby King, 71, Backstage Aide Known as ‘Soul of Carnegie Hall,’ Dies
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“She’s the soul of Carnegie Hall,” the cellist Yo-Yo Ma said in a phone interview. “She enables the transition that takes place between a person backstage getting ready to perform and then going onstage to share everything that is important to them. That transition for an artist is often when they’re at their most vulnerable.” Debby King, 71, Backstage Aide Known as ‘Soul of Carnegie Hall,’ Dies (SY NYTIMES) A short video from Today's A Life Well Lived segment
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What a career! One of those people where you just don't now how they keep all those balls in the air. The show wouldn't go on without them.
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Thank you for this piece, her voice really comes through in it. She sounds like a true character.
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Lots of fun stories about the Carnegie Hall job, but this was such a gut punch:
In 2004, her jobs collided when the executive director of Carnegie Hall, Robert Harth, died suddenly at 47. A co-worker called Ms. King to tell her that his body was on its way to the morgue, but she already knew.

“I’m sitting right here now taking care of him,” she responded. “I’m holding his hand so he’s not alone tonight.”
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We have a saying in my family, "What would Frank Sinatra do? Then do it!" as a sort of motivating and at times, sarcastic line. She actually said it (in another form) to Frank himself!!! Can't wait to send this out.

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I grew up seeing Deb every few weeks, my Dad being in the NY Pops, "house band" at Carnegie.

Truly a wonderfully warm lady, and also take no sh1t steely when that was called for.

Queen of the Backstage
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