"The quiet of the aftermath pressed down on us"
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Two scifi stories about people finding tendrils of human connection while confronting modern grief. "A Glut of Nothing, and Yet… Something" by Monte Lin: ""The Singularity had come, but not the one people wanted.... the Glut: a grayed-out area that evaded vision, comprehension, and perception..." "Love at the End" by Deborah Germaine Augustin: "I woke up hungover the day after Kuala Lumpur was supposed to end.... Eddie poured water from our last six-litre bottle into the kettle." Both published this year.
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Thanks brainwane! I always appreciate your story posts :)
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Thank you! I am struck by this moment in history: there is so much good content. So much good writing, film, art, music. A feast, really. It must be foraged though.

Very much appreciate you bringing them to us.
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"Love at the End" has an interesting structure. I was curious what "End" was referred to in the title, and that was immediately answered in the first section. Which raised more questions, some of which were answered in the next section. And so on.
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