A History Buried - the Chinese Massacre of 1871
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The Chinese Massacre in Los Angeles was one of the worst atrocities to happen in the city. In the end, as a result of an accidental shooting, five hundred local white men killed 19 Chinese men and boys. Only a plaque currently memorializes the terrible event that occurred. Although some men stood trial, their charges were overturned and they were never retried.

Blood on Gold Mountain is a historical fiction podcast based on the events that led up to the 1871 massacre.

On the 150th anniversary of the event, local groups came together to commemorate, recover, and reflect on a tragic, terrible history that has mostly been buried and forgotten. Los Angeles' Civic Memory Working Group has been working with the 1871 Steering Committee on possible recommendations for a proper memorial, alongside other "Past Due" commemorations. (Previously and adjacent.)
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Thank you for this collection. I'm just now reading Prairie Lotus to my kids (it's Little House on the Prairie but anti-racist), where this massacre is huge in the background, having killed the protagonist's mother. Hadn't made the year calculation to see the anniversary, much less the date.

That the mob killed a full tenth of the city's Chinese population is stunning in how it must have affected the community.
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This was covered by The History Guy on YouTube last Sept. 17 2018. I had no idea of this violent indecent until I watched the video.
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Important. Thank you for sharing.
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Also covered recently by Lazlo Montgomery in the China History Podcast
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Just a note, the Past Due recommendations (PDF link) are well worth digging into as well, for a deep dive on what we should be commemorating and remembering in Los Angeles, and where we have traditionally fallen short.
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This worries me: "Revenge takes time .... But arrives" This is not the only atrocities committed against the Chinese population,Here and everywhere and many of those occurring in their own land. Hope for the best.
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The term "race riot" is used to evoke the spectre of POC, specifically Black and Latine people, destroying cities and property. What is not commonly taught in history class is that historically white people have been the race that's rioting--mobs of white people invading communities of color to drive out and kill inhabitants (and then often looting any property that's left). The Chinese Massacre, Tulsa, the Red Summer, and more, the history of race mobs is one of oppressors further perpetuating oppression. The Chinese Massacre was not an aberration.
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