low orbit and a salmon run
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Two speculative stories about young people escaping bad situations (bullying, homophobia, sizeism, etc.). "How to Make Friends in Seventh Grade" by Nick Poniatowski: "But the worst thing about it was that I didn't help him." "Riparian" by Seanan McGuire: "Molly begged her mother to let her start mermaid lessons for five years before she finally received her starter tail, a glorious confection of silicon and spandex..."
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Oh man! I was copyediting for strange horizons back when that story was released and I remember sending Poniatowski a fan letter. So good.
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brainwane i just want to say that i really appreciate these short story posts. they've been invariably fantastic.
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If you like this Seanan McGuire, her whole Wayward Children series has similar stories about kids leaving a variety of banal to terrible realities for someplace else. All of her writing reads like small boxes full of treasure, to me.
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Yeah, brainwane, I really enjoy these posts, thanks!
Plus, always delighted to find something by Seanan McGuire I haven't read yet.
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Brainwane, these posts are a delight. I am always looking for good speculative fiction, but it's hard to wade through the huge amount available. Everything you've posted has been a real treat. Thank you.
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