The Ultimate Showdown 15th Anniversary Redux Collab!
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The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny now has an extended version with all-new improved animation from a variety of online animators.
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Solid animation, but wow, that song aged poorly.
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I totally forgot about this. The amount of references is staggering.
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The animator of the original video, Shawn Vulliez, is one of the hosts of the funny and educational utopian socialist podcast Srsly Wrong. He also has a new animated series called Papa and Boy coming soon on Means TV.
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I'm glad it put Neil Cicierga on the internet map, because he's produced boatloads of content that are exceptional, especially his music mashups.

However, I do agree that it aged poorly. Trouble is, most things age poorly.
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Original (short) thread from back in aught-five.

I agree that it hasn't aged well. But internet culture, by definition, is specific to its moment and its internet region. I still think
Bill S. Preston and Ted "Theodore" Logan,
Spock, the Rock, Doc Ock and Hulk Hogan

is the best lyric in it.
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Not as good as the original, sadly.
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In 2005, a 25-year-old could have gotten all the jokes. In 2021, a 25-year-old won't. So, OK, in that sense, it's aged poorly.

But somebody born in 1980 would have appreciated this in 2005, and somebody born in 1980 can still appreciate this in 2021. In that sense, it's aged very well. And that's not true of a lot of Internet ephemera. Contrast this with, say, All Your Base. I remember thinking that was the funniest thing ever, but now I'm honestly not sure why.

I feel strongly that we need a word for "a ludicrous thing done with dazzling skill." I think that word should be "metroiding". The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny is world-class metroiding.
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