Mech suits, an aristocrat, talking dinosaurs who race motocross
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Two science fiction stories that use over-the-top characters and situations, plus crankiness, to get laughs -- and both available in audio and in text. "Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs" by Leonard Richardson (audio, illustrated): "Why would a dinosaur need a gun?" asked the shop owner. "Self-defense." "Texts from the Ghost War" by Alex Yuschik: While I realize driving that mech likely takes all of your limited resources, please take care not to step on the roses. (Audio uses a cool trick to sound right in stereo!)

Am linking to my spouse Leonard Richardson's work per the revised rule on friend-linking.

Another story in the same universe as "Texts from the Ghost War": “The Girl With All The Ghosts”, available as audio and text.
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Those dinosaurs did nothing wrong.
Well... They were bad at lots of things, but I think that's different.
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To moonmilk's question: "Awesome Dinosaurs" has a deleted scene available.
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I liked how "Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs" got to the message of humanity being the real monster through the use of monster trucks and dirt bikes, and only a little bit of people being eaten. It's a nice change from zombie films, which usually go much heavier on the last element.
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I loved Awesome Dinosaurs. Hope Cass recovers. (I agree with the editor and author about the deleted scene - it just did not work)

Couldn’t make any headway on Ghost War. Awful formatting and I don’t do audiobooks.
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Hell yes, Awesome Dinosaurs. That was one of my favorites at the Drabblecast.
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Dinosaurs is very fun and just enough sad to bite. I love the bird watchers idea. The Ghost Wars is a sweet story with a lot of technique - epistolary stories and texting with the back and forth interruptions - hard to pull off well with character and world building in such a narrow scope and it was executed flawlessly.
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Couldn’t make any headway on Ghost War. Awful formatting and I don’t do audiobooks.

It is weirdly formatted. I bounced of it at first, the moment of realization for me was prompted by the title. Its meant to simulate a text conversation. Apparently "you" are reviewing the messages on someone's phone. One texter's messages are right justified with a ragged left edge. The other texter's words are left justified with a ragged right edge.
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Awesome Dinosaurs previously on the blue.
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