First conversations between God and the animals
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God Creating Animals

God: you’re a dog.

Dog: pat my head!

God: [pats head]

Dog: rub my belly!

God: [rubs belly]

Dog: ok what were you saying?

God: you’re a good boy.

Dog: [tail wag]

God: but the humans need you now.

Dog: [rests head on God’s knee] will I be their best friend?

God: forever.
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G: see that log? fill it with teeth. FILL IT!!!
posted by supermedusa at 10:05 AM on November 20

So very wholesome and funny and cute - 4 stars!
posted by davidmsc at 10:29 AM on November 20

I love this -- funny enough the question of pluralizing "moose" was just on Cristy the Wordsmith yesterday! Apparently by the time the Algonquin word "moose" was loaned into English the grammar for pluralizing words by changing the middle vowel was long obsolete.
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The angels are often snarkier.
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There's a while world of confusing word games one can play with middle vowel pluralizing...

A library is a place with lots of beek.
My soup recipe calls for one large look.
It's hard to win an endgame without your reek.
... And so on...
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I just sent my wife into a half hour of guffaws with these. I think I have enough dad jokes to keep me for a while.
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[melancholy meow]
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These are wonderful. Thank you!
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This seems like a fun place to mention the semi-facetious debate over in Cats Facebook about whether the singular of "peets" (paw feets, so cute!) should be back-constructed to be "peet" (makes sense) or "poot" (also makes sense but sounds like a fart).
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