The Faddan More Psalter
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In 2006, the remains of an early medieval illuminated manuscript were discovered in a peat bog at Faddan More, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. At YouTube there are short videos about the discovery and conservation of the psalter (psalm-book); and about its significance. For The Guardian, Lisa O'Carroll writes about the manuscript, and the 'terrifying' work led by manuscript conservationist John Gillis, to preserve it.
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Thank you! I was thinking about posting this too. The picture of the separated letters is amazing and daunting. When I was considering posting it, I found a few other resources (didn't think of looking for videos). Hope you don't mind me adding them here.

A blog post from 2011 about visiting the 2011 exhibition of the manuscript at the National Museum of Ireland.

An article by Gillis from, I think, 2014: The Fadden More Psalter: De-Watering the Vellum Text (PDF).

Another article by Gillis and Anthony Read from 2007: The Faddan More Psalter: A progress update (PDF). This has some good pictures of the book.

Also found a blog (no longer being updated) about buried books in general: Burying Books: Stories about burying books (and digging them up again) from history, archaeology, myth, religion, art, literature etc.
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Very cool and learned some things about Ireland!
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Unbelievably cool!
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Wow! Excellent articles, and such a very interesting subject for passing an early, rainy, morning. Thanks!
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Thank you for this! I was familiar with the Faddan More Psalter, thanks to popping in to the National History Museum National Museum of Ireland - History and Archaeology most times that I am in Dublin, but I don't think I really realised the full extent of the difficulty of conserving it before. (Despite the fact that I'm fairly sure that picture with the separated letters features in the exhibition - the psalter tends to be the last thing I visit and I think I'm a bit museumed out by the time I reach it.)

I would recommend at the very least poking around on the NMI website for some of the other exhibits - there are other interesting artifacts in the Treasury, and Ór, the gold collection is amazing. (As are the bog bodies in the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibition in a different way. Note: there are photos at that link that some people may find disturbing).

Here is also the up-to-date YouTube for the National Museum of Ireland, for more Irish history and natural history stuff.
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That photo of loose, assorted letters gave me big-time anxiety.
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That photo of loose, assorted letters gave me big-time anxiety.

Speaking as a book conservator, HARD SAME.
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I couldn't find any of the pages that were built from the loose letters, in fact I could only find one picture of a restored page at all, frustratingly.
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