Robert Downey Jr. Brings You Christmas Cheer with Muppets!
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Muppet wonders will never cease. I thought I knew or had seen every 90s Muppet show/special. Wrong. In 1995 Robert Downey Jr starred as Mr Willowby in this 30 minute Muppet Musical. He sings and dances! Stockard Channing (with a Swedish accent?) and Leslie Nielsen are in it. Ii ts pretty mild overall, Ive just never heard another person talk about this.
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The name gave me a brief hope that this was a Sense and Sensibility adaptation.
I will check it out!
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Distribution: A dubbed NTSC DVD was released in Mexico.
That's it, that's the whole list! I will watch it try to watch it.
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"A Nabisco Family Classic" with Brian Cummings voicing Kermi

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a Sense and Sensibility adaptation.

My dentist gave me a sample of a toothpaste which has "Gum and Sensitivity" emblazoned across it, and I cannot stop reading it as some bizarrely tooth-focused corporate Jane Austen reworking every single time I use it.
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1995? Wikipedia says RDJ's arrests for drugs started in 1996... def a phone in performance here. I wonder if Leslie Nielsen brought along his fart box?
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Here is a copy in superior quality:
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I remember stumbling upon this and thinking I should watch it because Muppets and Leslie Nielsen, but then quickly changing the channel because it was kind of glurgy and just really dull and uninteresting.
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Well, they did get right that Swedish Christmas is all about the candles.
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