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Our Favorite Things is an 80 minute collection of videos from the experimental music group Negativland.
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this is exactly what I needed this evening. there is absolutely no other possibility.
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Fantastic! We have the tangible goods version someplace here, but having it online will make it easier to screen on the outdoor projector hooked up to the computer. It's a Thanksgiving miracle!
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hey hi. love this. seat be sate and all, but i think it might merit a content warning for flashiness and maybe depictions of self harm, if but for those who may not already associate such things with negativland.
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It's not even funny. Do you know how many time zones there are? In the Soviet Union? That's ridiculous.
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*sets toaster on fire*
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Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! This happens to be in style!
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Hah, this is so nuts, I was just yesterday listening to some Negativland MP3s I had dug up from an old backup drive.

Remember when Don Joyce was cremated and baggies of his ashes were sold to fans? The original NFT, right there.
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God, the memories. I once heard Helter Stupid on a little college radio station coming out of Little Rock late, late one weekend night. The transmitter was dozens of miles away and only sort of came in on the tiny radio I had, but the intermittent static and fuzziness only enhanced the entire experience.

It was a tantalizing taste of the odd and one of my first hints that there was high weirdness out there somewhere beyond the confines of small-town Arkansas.
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locquacious: Eleven. It's not even funny. It's just ridiculous.
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Negativland has been reinvigorated lately with a bunch of great new videos. They're on their site and on YouTube. The two I've made particular note of are Destroying Anything and This is Not Normal, from their 2019 album release True False. The latter video was made in April 2020 and has a Big Trump Covid Mood. The videos are done by Ryan Worsley who also did a documentary on Don Joyce called How Radio Isn't Done (trailer).

This video here is nostalgia for me; I've been a fan of Negativland since A Big 10-8 Place blew my young teenage mind. But the last decade or two have been rough going with endless releases of noodling on their radio show Over the Edge. I think back to how innovative they were basically assembling sampled music without samples, coming from a different tradition entirely than hip-hop. I saw them live in 1990 and it was amazing watching them play their 8 track cart machine, a bit of gear radio stations used to play public service announcements whose primary feature is that it had slots for eight or ten different tapes at once.

It's nice to see them doing new material that's really good. See also this improbable thing: an NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
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shameless self link.

Here's a radio show I put together in the wake of Ian Allen's death a few years back.


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I’d listened to Over the Hiccups so many times. The suicidal bunny claymation was new to me. Jarring visuals for such a sweet rendition.
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(I have never listened to Negativland but Mark Hosler brought me some band swag on our first and only date after connecting on OK Cupid several years ago. I didn’t know Negativland was a thing until we met. Yes, I am hopeless about art and music. The end.)
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Okay, hopefully this isn't a total derail but it seems like I'm among friends (I have a baggie of Don Joyce's ashes on my bookcase right here) - does anybody know the main source material for "Piece Of Pie"? I need to see it. I don't know why, but I need to.
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Mark Hosler brought me some band swag on our first and only date after connecting on OK Cupid several years ago

Could one imagine a date with the Weatherman?
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I don't know the Piece of Pie reference. I'd love to see someone find it.

But, I do have a baggie of Don Joyce that I've been waiting to mix into cocktails and share with friends for a while now. (I thought I had the right event planned and crossed the US with them in my pocket, but things went in another direction and it didn't seem appropriate.) Perhaps it's worth a meetup?

Also, thanks, 20 year lurk for the content warning. I started writing a silly exaggerated version when posting, decided it might seem mean and deleted it, and then didn't do the obvious next step of including a sincere one. Sorry.
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eotvos: I'm keeping my baggie of Don sealed, but if we wind up in the same place with your baggie of Don, I'd be happy to share some of yours in my drink.
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Mark Hosler brought me some band swag on our first and only date

Very serious question: At any point did he spray you (or anything) with 409 brand cleaning product? Or offer, suggest and/or imply to do the same?
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Never! No 409 product came up at any time. He did offer two unsolicited and unappreciated comments (on a painting by a friend and a wall collage I had created). Dating tip: Don’t criticize someone’s home decor, especially on a first date. (Like, I have that stuff because *I* love it. If you don’t, keep it to yourself please.) He was otherwise engaging and fun.
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There was a period when I played Negativland all the time until my housemates asked me to please stop.
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Did they ask for... an Escape from Noise?
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