a fluegelhorn is probably not a fluegelhorn, and vice versa
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Hey, why not read up on brass history with Greg, on Greg's Brass History Page.
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and the serpent
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An odd coincidence that this should be posted the very morning after I find out that a precursor instrument to the trombone is called the sackbutt, which pleased me greatly.
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“Never look at the trombones...it only encourages them.”

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OMG, the olde webbe. Many of the links from Greg's site go to similar cenozoic sites. How I miss that age.
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Trombones rule. Warm, analog tones, not like those digital valved abominations.
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That said, these all look like a blast to play. The fellow with the Ophicleide looks as if he has entered an altered state of mind through pushing that much air through that thing.
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I love this--thanks for posting it! I've never played any of the brass instruments (I was more of a woodwind person), but I love to learn about them and especially to look at them: so handsome, so fancy, so shiny and twisty.
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I know my truth.
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As an erstwhile wielder of the soprano tuba, this is relevant to me.
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OMG, the olde webbe. Many of the links from Greg's site go to similar cenozoic sites. How I miss that age.

The trombone page mentioned a particularly enticing one, so I went down a rabbit hole to find it in the Wayback Machine. Here you go: the Soprano Trombone Swindle
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My father was a classical musician and occasionally had to play the smaller F Wagner tuba. As a tween/teenager I never missed a chance to play it when he brought it home, such a soothing, mellow sound.
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I played tuba in high school. Main thing I still remember is the shoulder pain from lugging the fucker all the way up the hill every time I took it home for practice.

They can sound very good though, especially once you realize there's more to them than the oom-pa-pa the school band expects you to play and find their upper registers. Very french horn kind of tone available up there.

Also I'm still not quite sure why the school bandmaster complained that I was making mine sound like a bass guitar.
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I'm not sure if there is a 6-valve trombone rabbit-hole as such, but if you are currently sitting there, as well you might be, unable to stop thinking about the 6-valve trombone (and possibly also giggling uncontrollably), here is a delightful video of someone playing one and explaining how it works, for certain values of 'works'...
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for certain values of 'works'...

I'm trying and failing to get the point of such a bizarre, cumbersome, and apparently near-unplayable instrument. Why on earth did anyone go so far as to invent it??
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