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"David," a short film directed by Zach Woods, starring Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper, and Fred Hechinger.
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I have to say, this was an unexpectedly wholesome short.
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That was great, thanks!
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Trigger warnings involves person with major depression going through suicidal ideation.
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Quonab, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Moving, funny, piercing.

I noticed Mike Judge in the thank-yous in the credits - interesting!

Folks who liked Ferrell's serious turn in this might also enjoy the film Stranger Than Fiction where he gets to do comedy and pathos.
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Yeah, this is about the best we can make of 2021.
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Finally! A realistic therapists office! In my umpteen years of therapy, I have never sat in a tv/movie therapist’s office, all spacious, wood-paneled, and tastefully accessorized.
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Well it certainly wasn’t the outcome anyone expected, and it wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for. But in a way, if you look at it just right, they all pinned the Hoagie that day.
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That was wonderful and hilarious. It wasn't until I looked up son!David's actor on IMDB that I learned he played both the comic relief friend in Netflix's Fear Street and the least awful tourist in HBO's White Lotus. I watched both shows within a month and never realized it was the same guy! Great acting, Fred Hechinger!
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