a hundred people respond when one person calls
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On November 13, delivery couriers working for food delivery company Foodpanda in Hong Kong went on strike as a response to pay cuts, work-related injuries, arbitrary account suspensions, long waits at restaurants, app issues and more. The strike was led by South Asian immigrants and supported by ethnically Chinese Hongkongers, and was self-organized without the aid of the (largely disbanded) trade unions. On November 18, workers and the company reached a deal on pay.

Food courier organizer Ga Wing was pursuing three cases of work-related injuries. One concerned the death of an Indian Deliveroo courier. The other two cases were about delivery riders, one each from Uber Eats and Foodpanda, who had been hospitalized after being hit by cars. Ga Wing was infuriated by the lacklustre response from the three companies.
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Foodpanda, in the region, truly is invested in carrying the banner for being a crap platform. Our riders here in Malaysia have tried to strike more than once (no real change in terms, afaik, because we're not really a worker-friendly society).
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Thank you for posting this. I saw this here and many stories only focused on the experience of users experiencing delays, which...yeah. Labour rights in Hong Kong have a long way to go.
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