Also, she's wearing a great outfit. A peach flowy jumpsuit.
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Your Fat Friend and Maintenance Phase podcast cohost Aubrey Gordon reviews Positive Moves, Angela Lansbury's fitness home video (1988) & book (1990). There is a transcript tab! "I don't feel compelled to try in fact check, Angela Lansbury saying, it's good for you to putter around the house."
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I enjoyed this episode so much. Smiling.
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"exploring the anti-Goop-ness of Angela’s fitness book and video"

This is so wonderful! This whole podcast is delightful.
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I was so worried that this episode would force me to confront the bitter truth that Angela Lansbury was a fat-hating pseudo-science-peddling grifter, and it turned out mostly to confirm my fondness for her. So yay! Not everyone in the world is Dr. Oz or Gwyneth fucking Paltrow.
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I think Aubrey and Angela would have been fast friends.

That episode was so much fun!
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Yes! I loved this episode and did some real laugh out louds. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something light-hearted and smart.
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I think Aubrey and Angela would have been fast friends.

Angela's still alive!
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If I had to choose between this podcast and Angela Lansbury, I would have chosen the Dame every time, so I am pleased that they did not force me to choose.

I do think an Angela Lansbury exercise video/book is the most hilariously 80s concept possible. I just checked and my library has a copy of the book that I am definitely checking out in the near future.

Not every offhand remark needs be fact checked, but I need to point out that Murder, She Wrote was on the air for 12 years, not 7 or 8. I am currently working my way through it on Peacock. Maybe I'll do some stretches next time I put on an episode, instead of fiddling with Animal Crossing on the couch.

I do think the discussion that came out of this, about how not every topic needs to be aired with just any of your friends, was good. I think sometimes we forget to choose our audience around people we're close to - they love us, so they'll understand! But also, if I love someone, I can make an effort to remember they don't want to talk about diets or Murder, She Wrote or whatever just because that topic interests me at the moment.
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I love Maintenance Phase so much and this ep is one I’ve listened to several times out of sheer joy.
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