"threads the ends of her hair in like pouring a sacrament"
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"Today one of the minders rolls one Veena Kaur Chan into my hairbay for a shampoo and cut. New client, transferring in from Palliative....I’m programmed to be autonomous, so I can access the public domain base for hair puns—hey, if I get a client who’s responsive, it can cheer them up." "Coiffeur Seven" by Kiran Kaur Saini, published this year, is a short science fiction story in which a piece of technology learns to care better for an Indian woman.

Kiran Kaur Saini is -- as her name implies -- the child of a Sikh parent. From "Coiffeur Seven":
I look for previous haircuts. There are a few entries, the first an admittedly passable pixie cut, but as I’m rotating the 360°, the file closes unexpectedly. I check Veena’s network. Sometimes clients’ brains reject the interface. Normally that would happen well before now, but there’s a first time for everything, so I never rule anything out. But all is well. In fact, there’s increased brain activity at the site of the implant, suggesting a very good integration.

The second haircut I pull up is similar, but more hastily done, like someone got interrupted in the middle of the service. The dregs of this disaster might be what she’s sporting now. This haircut glitches out, too, and I’m looking at the face of a minder leaning in, a cup with medications blocking out half her face, an IV drip at Veena’s bedside. I think these images might be misplaced files in her server folder....
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Truly wonderful work. Thank you for sharing!
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I loved this. Thank you for posting it.
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I love this story!
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That was beautiful, thank you so much!
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Gorgeous, thank you for sharing this.
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Oh yes, that was a GOOD one. Thank you!
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So beautiful!
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I'm glad people liked it.
It took seven boys to hold Inder down before they reached his hair with their knife. That’s when I feel the weight of her own braid, tracing the length of her spine and extending past her tailbone. No one in Veena’s family has ever cut their hair.
This was the moment where I went "Ohhhh" aloud, like a moan. I'm so glad this story conveyed the dignity and lived experience of this Sikh practice (of not cutting one's hair), and I loved the triumphant ending.
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This was gorgeous, thank you for posting!
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Wow. Just... uh. Wow. Thank you for posting this.
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