Ted Lasso and the Missing Christmas Mustache
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An animated Ted Lasso Christmas special, no Apple TV subscription required, although it's only 4 minutes long. And animated. (SLYT)
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No Sam Obisanya. :(
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That is a shame. Sam has become a favorite of ours. It began with the "Yes, because of imperialism" joke in the first episode, and was cemented by his refusal to accept Rebecca not showing up at the ad-hoc ghost abjuration ceremony.
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They put Nate in instead of Sam.
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Yeah, and they really hung a lampshade on Nate's presence, what with Higgins making the "don't ever change" remark.
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They did Jamie Tartt's eyebrow correctly though, so I think it's still a win.
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I'm looking over the top of my paperback and raising an eyebrow at this script.
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I enjoyed this - thanks for posting it!
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This was cute and silly and felt like they probably just improvised the dialog and then someone animated it.

No Sam could be because Toheeb Jimoh is making The Power tv series (Naomi Alderman adaptation) for Amazon Prime.
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The credit sequence should have been animated this whole time.
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Don't ever change, Nate!

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If this had come out before season 2 I would have been okay with it. But now? Nah. But the animation was nice.
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I understand why they did it but censoring Roy Kent is an abomination to all that is Roy Kent. Brett Goldstein and his character have pushed the bounds of the f word beyond the high standards set by The Wire.
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I have posted this video as an episode in FanFare in case people who want to converse in a more "We're all fans here, please be nice." way want to talk there!
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I think Brett Goldstein has displaced Samual L. Jackson as the Bard of the F-Bomb.
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No Sam Obisanya. :(

In my book, it's entirely legit for the low-key Muslim character to skip the gratuitous Xmas short. He's already been in one Christmas special, don't drag him through a second one.
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