“This company proposes to operate a metaverse”
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What The Hell Is This Company The 76ers Just Partnered With? by Maitreyi Anantharaman and Chris Thompson for Defector, is an investigation info basketball team Philadelphia 76ers’ newest partner, Color Star, whose CEO, sir Lucas Capetian, almost certainly doesn’t exist.
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Super weird cash grab? Poorly-created ARG? So many questions.

Amazing article.
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Any relation to Lady Edith Greensley?
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Next week I'm going through my list of Substack and other online subscriptions to decide what to renew, but pieces like this make Defector a given for me.
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Next do Doug Ericksen, please!
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Comment following the Defector article:
OBJ Kenobi
December 24, 2021, 7:03 AM

"the deal was brokered by a company called Red Phoenix Entertainment, which describes its business as bridging “American sports and entertainment with emerging marks.”
Whew, what a relief! All true fans know there’s never been any shady deals in American sports or entertainment.
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"President Chris Heck was indisputably Veyo Partners vice president Jarom Heaps" - a Pynchonian turn to these names.
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Phillipe Auclair has been writing (french) about similar weirdness in the Premier League.
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well that is a really strange story. much more than just the names are Pynchonian here. it's like a conspiracy theory and an MLM had a baby and are trying to sell NFTs of it???
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Hark, Watson. The grift is afoot!
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Dig underneath the sixth or seventh corporate layer, and I imagine we’ll see fragmented traces – fossilized arthropoid tracks in the mud – of The Donald’s maze of companies (or some spawn thereof).
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The Donald’s maze of companies

I was expecting the Sheinhardt Wig Company actually. That said, I'd be interested in how many zombie corporations exist as future reverse merger resources in the US. What does it take to remain incorporated in Illinois or Delaware as it were?
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And there was in fact a concrete supply company? I am getting those mob-associated vibes cenoxo
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Great addition to the conversation idb! I think that’s almost certainly the situation.
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idb > Phillipe Auclair has been writing (French)

Google Translate (French > English):

PREMIER LEAGUE - As he has become accustomed to in recent weeks, our columnist Philippe Auclair, has worked around a new sports betting site that has become a partner of a club in the English Championship, in this case Everton. i8.BET to quote him looks like a few of his Premier League predecessors and does appear to be a phantom partner.…
Money talks in all languages.
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I just kept on having a weird reaction to the Director of Communications name Menelly and then I realized that I kept on thinking about Menolly the Anne McCaffrey Pern character and you know I would actually be interested in a 76ers/Pern crossover with fire lizard themed jerseys.
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That is - fascinating. What do the 76ers get out of it? Who’s even paying who(m)?
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Lucas Capetian looks like they may be an NFT.
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This story was so weird. I had the same questions, who's getting paid, what's the incentive to get your name out there but then have such a terrible online presence? What a bunch of weirdos, I wonder if Douglas Menelly is also getting scammed.
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“Their CEO does exist,” a Sixers spokesperson insisted. “I believe he’s based in Europe.”

Need I mention who else was based in Europe?
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