The Brunching Shuttlecocks
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The Brunching Shuttlecocks are planning to follow Metallica's lead in seeking out pirates of their MP3 music on Napster. They have different ideas about how to deal with said pirates, though.
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Heh heh...
Memo2me: It really pays to read these links before posting an opinion.
I like these guys!
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Yeah, and with the $100 gift certificate, think of all the CDR's you could buy to store all your MP3s on!

And what if they were actually a good band (maybe they are, a few more might find out because of this)? That would make this a true happy story!

Well sign me up - I want candy!
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the brunching shuttlecocks aren't a band. they're a couple of guys (with occasional other collaborators) who write one of the funniest humor sites around (see the lost rudolph episode if you doubt this).
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