Andrea Gibson - The Year of No Grudges
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Some sound advice I give myself like twice an hour/“Wear kneepads on the way to your ego, Andrea,”/being right is boring/comforts only the tiniest parts of us/ [...] I love you/because we both showed up to kindness tryouts/with notes from the school nurse that said we were too hurt to participate/but we learned how wrong we were/and weren’t those the best days?/the days we learned how wrong we were/and so got to grow into our own goodness

Happy new year, MeFi. A friend shared this with me, and I thought others would probably find work they're trying to do in it, as I did.

Andrea Gibson previously.
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I really loved that. Thank you for posting it.
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Lovely, thank you!
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My wife toured with Andrea on their tour just before COVID, playing music and accompanying the poems, which largely centered on love. I went to see the show a few times when it was coming through the state I live in, and after a show, my wife asked me if I’d stand by Andrea during a meet-and-greet, mostly as a kind of “hug bouncer,” to make sure people asked if they could hug before just going for a hug. Andrea is an incredible person, and even just standing there watching them meet more than a hundred fans, who brought so much emotion to the show, to whom Andrea’s poetry was a message they felt in their souls, well, it was a very moving experience for me. Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me of the hope we can have for our future.
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Some solid mantras in there; Imma pull and use accordingly this year.
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