Anniversary of the Battles for Chattanooga
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November 25th, 1997, marked the 134th anniversary of the battles for Chattanooga. On that day, Dave Buckhout and T.C. Moore retraced the route along which these battles flowed. They had cameras, a road map, and an '86 Buick. The resulting website is an example of what's wonderful about the internet.
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This is a nice site, ewagoner. Being a former Chattanoogan, I was reminded of all these places. I think I've taken picnic lunches to all of them at some point and my sister's dad is buried at the National Cemetary on Holtzclaw. I have to admit I was glad when they changed the name of the battle museum form Confederama to Battle Above the Clouds, though Confederama is better cheesy post card fodder. Thanks for pointing this out.̻ʛ
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Well the former Confederama is dead....they moved and changed the name, now they're out of business. I live in Chattanooga and it's nice to hear something come out of the area other than the crematorium scandal.
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One of my favorite campaigns of the Civil War, from a military history perspective. The Battle for Missionary Ridge in particular pulls my attention.

Gen. Grant's after-action report can be found here along with more information. The most stirring description to me is of the troops ordered to take the rifle pits at the base of the ridge despite murderous fire from above:
These troops moved forward, drove the enemy from the rifle-pits at the base of the ridge like bees from a hive - stopped but a moment until the whole were in line - and commenced the ascent of the mountain from right to left almost simultaneously, following closely the retreating enemy, without further orders.
It was this action of the line soldiers en masse, without orders, that broke Gen. Bragg's army and carried the day. Amazing stuff, when you stop to think about it.
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