Acorns and birds and squirrel attacks oh my
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Photographer David M Bird creates model creatures out of acorns which he calls becorns and then contrives to get real birds to pose with them.
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I'm glad to see the becorns are properly dressed with hats and mufflers for the winter shoots.
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this is delight
posted by glonous keming at 8:25 AM on January 8, 2022

Thank you. This is fantastic and just what I need today. The family of bluebirds is especially delightful. Loved to see him watching with binoculars and a baby.
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This is very sweet! And the artist's happy smile in the first link gave me some cheer too. And his name is Bird?! Very delightful.
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I love this! Thank you.
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oooh what is the word for something that is a million miles beyond charming?

this are so lovely! so dainty and...alive! really beautiful photography too. David Birb LOL.
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The youth services librarian where I work had seen his photos somewhere and found he lives in the same town as the library. She sent him an email asking if he'd like to exhibit some of the photos here at the library and we've had 15 shots in our back hall since November. So sweet! They all have little stories attached to them that are delightful to read every time I walk through the hallway. "Some of the best friendships begin with silent staring."
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These are so wonderful! Now I want a full book of the stories (and maybe an RPG or computer game or a film adaptation!) about these delightful characters :)
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Wow, this is great.
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This is so charming!
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