"New year, new me, right?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 6 Julie Nolke again, with green hair this time.

Most recent previous post here. On the good news side, Britney's free, Pete Davidson's in "something," and we're getting a new table.

"If in 2020 you had gone into a cryosleep for two years, you would be waking up. You'd be like wow, everything's the same!"

"I feel like this is very predictable."
"And yet here we are. Yeah, season 3, to be honest, has not been as good as seasons one and two...I feel like the writing has really fallen off...we've seen these plotlines..."
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These make me laugh more and more, but only because I've lost the ability to cry
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the Betty White bit choked me up a little...
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I'd somehow missed all these so batch watching them hits in very strange ways. Video 2 and 4 were particularly hard.
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Betty White bit choked me up a little
Me too.
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Yeah, the Betty White got me more than when it happened. Maybe because there was someone to share it with now.
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Me three.
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"Season 3 of the pandemic" 😂 😭
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Her work is excellent. I'm particularly enamored with mirror Julie, who is the wisest drunk person on the planet. I also think her sponsorships are interesting, because they have some adjacency to her sketches. She's so good at her YouTube channel, I don't know if I want to see her go anywhere. SNL? Netflix? Maybe a sitcom? What can I say, I'm a fan.
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She shared her SNL audition tape a few weeks back. Didn't make it, IIRC. I agree with your sentiment about her being a master of the Youtube form and hoping she stays, though I can see how she might be feeling stuck by this point.
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Betty White bit choked me up a little

Yup. Tears.
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The fact that she taped the whole thing after dying her hair rather than planning it out to tape before-and-after-new-hair parts makes me wonder if she's more serious about the identity crisis than "just a skit".
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so well written and played, she’s getting masterful at this.
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I found this one a lot harder to watch and a lot less funny than previous ones. Maybe that was the point.
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being reminded that in the summer I was confident after getting vaxxed, and thought that the worst of the pandemic was behind makes me feel.... checks notes... "big oof"
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... new table ... hmmmmm
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I mean, Betty White was 99 at the time of her death. It was sad news indeet but not like, surprising at all. At age 99, Social Security indicates a 30 percent mortality rate. And that is pre-pandemic data.

If anything, the theme of the past five months is every consequential event was entirely predictable. Mutations until we actually vaccinate the planet. Christmas induces superspreader events and the case count skyrockets. Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Supreme Court decisions lean right(er).

But really, my question is -- does Julie of August have no recollection being on the other side of the table? You would think there would be more sympathy between them as they both have experience as 'bad news from the future' Julie.
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I think the past Julies just get more depressed when they know what is coming.
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For anyone who hasn’t watched the rest of these, the Betty White bit specifically refers to an earlier skit where New Julie says “Betty White was trending… turns out she’s perfectly fine”. A bittersweet throwback to the recent past.
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I hadn't seen the others, I enjoyed this on its own. I'm impressed that 2022 speaks more or less in complete sentences, I seem to....trail off...and, um, {gestures}.....mostly these days.
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This "six year success story" video of hers is touching.
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