"They’re not my roses but they’re for a comrade in arms."
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Some vintage feel-good pieces from Steve Dublanica's blog Waiter Rant: "Miracle Pizza", "Twenty Year Payback", "Bride & Groom", and the more bittersweet "Tapestry". (Previously, previously.)
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Oh my god brainwane - you've moved on to feel-good vintage blog posts? That's it - I'm going to have to enspousenate you.

You are the best.

The first two of these are just wonderful* (and now I want pizza). I have a feeling I'm going to be picking through Mr. Dublanica's blog for quite a while.

* I just haven't gotten to the second two yet. My enthusiasm is often impatient.

Thank you so much for these!
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On wow, I just now realized his RSS feed fell out of my feed reader at some point. It is now added back. Thanks!
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man... dusty in here

Thanks for the post.
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On wow, I just now realized his RSS feed fell out of my feed reader at some point. It is now added back

Oh wow, indeed! For some reason, I had assumed he stopped writing his blog after publishing his first book. Exciting to see I'm wrong.

Thanks so much, brainwane--I really enjoyed re-reading these, and am looking forward to catching up with The Waiter.
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Waiter Rant! Time travel. Thanks, brainwane.

(And context for nostalgia is always good to keep in mind - I’ll go look that up, Jacen.)
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I had a sweetheart once who had a heart of gold but her dining out habits were like to drive me into fits of conniption.

For one, she couldn't make up her mind unless there was waiter waiting for a minute or two by the table while she did so. And she tended to want to be a stingy tipper when the food was less than ideal. Which is not the waiter's fault. The first was a nervous habit, the second a fault of logic but both together could make me crazy.

Me, I'm stoic when it comes to food. I usually eat what is put in front of me unless something in it is moving. And I tip bigly 'cause waiting is a hard hard job I simply could not do. Waiters see the worst of us more often than the best.
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Nice tales!
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I honestly read this as "Steve Buscemi's blog Waiter Rant", and figured his blog name was a callback to the Reservoir Dogs tipping scene.
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These are my favorite type of posts on the blue. Discovering something for the first time.
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