Dang Blues: The return of Jawbone.
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When Bob "Jawbone" Zabor, a one-man blues band from Detroit, played a 2004 live session on John Peel's BBC radio show, the DJ declared him "almost a definition of what I would like this programme to be about". Peel played nearly every track of Jawbone's homemade CDR on the show and immediately invited him for another live session - but died before that offer could be made good. Jawbone, who still struggled to find gigs in America, released a couple of official albums here and remained a cult favourite on the UK circuit until 2008, when he suddenly dropped out of sight. Now he's back with his first new songs in over a decade and this exclusive PlanetSlade interview telling the full story. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. [via Paul Slade’s mefi project]
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Thanks so much for posting, ellieBOA. This Jawbone fella made my quiet country midnight light up. The 2004 session, fuck my old knees I had to dance and whoop. I'm strolling through the recent songs now, they nice.

Jawbone Blues
Bob Zabor: vocals, guitar, drums, bass, sheet metal, shovel, sledgehammer

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Reminds me of Bob Log III.
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Mind blown - thank you for posting ellieBOA. From MI, and I wouldn't have run across this without your post!
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Metafilter: fuck my old knees I had to dance and whoop
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Reminds me of Bob Log III

Makes sense. In my interview, Zabor names Log as one of his key influences in creating Jawbone's sound. The other influences he mentions are Bob Dylan's first album, the blues harmonica player Frank Frost and Michigan's own Dr Isaiah Ross.
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