…an exceptional melding of hardcore, noise, and pop…
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⋈ The Armed are an anonymous hardcore punk collective from Detroit. Their latest album Ultrapop scored an 8.2 on Pitchfork. This is the video for WHERE MAN KNOWS WANT (live). This is ALL FUTURES (Live).
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I like this. They seem like they would be great to see live.
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I have to say the same, this Adult Swim Live EP is pretty convincing. But... what a numerous band!
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they met at the gym
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Delightful! Thank you signal!
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"GREENE: Are you writing this down?

FRANK: like to talk about how the Armed is often compared to a cult, then maybe discuss people like your alleged keyboard player, a local Michigan bodybuilder supposedly named Clark Huge, who you are surely paying to say is in the band."

'Who the Hell is Dan Greene
By Max Frank.

"He knew about my love for The Armed—an excessively unmarketable band, who, with minimal resources and no label support, had duped Rolling Stone into publishing a press photo with two band members who were actually hired actors, and would soon hoist a music video on Adult Swim starring cult disaster artist Tommy Wiseau of The Room fame."
'Getting to Know The Armed, the Most Unknowable Band in Hardcore. Vice.

Love these folk.
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thank you. I think I'm finally ready to invade the Ukraine.
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intense flashing light warning on the first link
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I'm a little surprised that they describe themselves as "hardcore punk". Their music is too melodic and...composed to really qualify as punk, IMO. Hardcore punk is supposed to feel a lot more rough, raw, and breakneck.

Now, I can see them as a modern "hardcore" band (which is a different thing - closer to metalcore than to punk). Seems that they do have connections to Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan, which makes sense.

It's probably not worth splitting this particular hair too finely. It just stands out as odd to me. Perhaps the word "punk" has evolved in ways that my geriatric ass doesn't understand.
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Their approach is a bit punk and their earlier work is not quite as maximalist as Only Love and Ultrapop. But yes, it is true that whoever is playing the instruments on these records knows how to do so and therefore they are not a punk band.

Tangentially related, The Armed’s Tony Wolski (the shredded singer in the “All Futures” video who gave a few interviews under the name Adam Vallely because that’s just how they do things) sang on the new Genghis Tron record, which is incredible.
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When your drummer is the son/nephew of the members of Death, I feel like you get a little liberty to dictate whether your project is punk or not.
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Everyone should read all the story. The story is cool, even if none of it is true. That's how you build a hype machine.

The music:
The vocals are too generic hardcore cliche for me, and the music wasn't particularly hooky.
I think that hardcore 'metal' voice tone should be outlawed unless you are the Future Islands and use it mostly only live with music that sounds like '80s synthpop, like a hardcore Erasure.

I like a lot of hardcore, but IMO you got to bring the hooks because otherwise it's just an in-differentiated sound. I also think the punk moniker fits because the guitars don't play well - that break at about 2:30 in All Future needs more baking. The drumming on the other hand is pretty cool.

I like that they have so many people in the band, and they got to figure out how to give the glowing lady more harmonies [if she's actually a member of the band] or not bury her so much in the mix.
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Instant alarm bells for talking about pr stunts as if they're actually artistic manoeuvres -- no one "dupes" rolling stone into publishing pictures of people not in the band, that's just called lying for attention, and then telling everyone you lied for attention for more attention. if you're gonna gear up the hype machine then at least have the dignity to not wink and tell everyone you're gearing up the hype machine. that being said their music is good, best wishes for much success to them
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I think I love the music. Unfortunately, I don't love the production. There is a certain brittleness to the highs; it causes my ears to recoil. Kinda like listening to the go! team.
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