I never metafiction I didn't like.
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What happens when cartoons try to make cartoons and fail? This. I Like Pink (1994). Wacky Delly (1996). Dedede: Comin' At Ya! (2002/2003). Handsome Keroro (2004 - skip to 48:53). Mint's Hints (2011).
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I loved that Rocko cartoon. I wanted to be an animator but it was the 90s and that was just not in the cards for me.
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(to this day, when I am making a hash of something, I think of Heffer saying “Ah, we’ll fix it in post”)
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I'm having trouble finding the TVTropes entry for this. Or maybe this can be a new category?
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eeee! (In non-animated relatedness, have you ever see Juzo Itami’s The Funeral? It has such a sweet, short home movie in the middle.)
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Also, get ready to look SO GOOD
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Long-time member here. Best post title I've seen.
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The Talking Simpsons guys did an episode about Wacky Deli on their sister show, What a Cartoon. They talk about how the episode was made near the end of the season production run and everyone on the show was exhausted, and all they could think about was working so that's what they ended up making an episode about.

Episode link.

I bet if you looked at the place in the season of a lot of these you'd get a similar result.
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It’s really bittersweet watching Kricfalusi being clever, knowing about Kricfalusi now.
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Fiasco, he was already off the show when Stimpy’s Cartoon was made.

I’ll get the both of you…blblblblblblblblb-ha ha! Mmmm ha
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