The Art of Luca
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Borked link - the link to the book was in the tweet. You can read it online, but it's not an epub or pdf for offline viewing, yet.
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Mod note: Fixed!
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Okay, so I really really wish this WERE available as a PDF or epub, but even as it is, just an online flipbook - this is WONDERFUL. I love seeing the origins of creative work, and as an aspiring hobbyist artist, this gives me all sorts of wonderful sketches to emulate (along with the wonderful Art of Character Design post on the blue a few weeks ago).

I am thoroughly looking forward to paging through this carefully and at length, savoring all the wonderful illustrations and insights.

(I suppose I should get around to watching Luca, too, while I'm at it.)

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Going To Maine - I'm so grateful to have a chance to look at it.
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From a quick search, Netflix is sharing The Art of The Mitchells vs. The Machines too. (Possibly a new post? Dunno!)
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Finally saw Luca! It was a delight!
posted by Going To Maine at 10:44 PM on February 3

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