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This Place Was Home, a Boba Fett fan comic by ND Stevenson.

Slight spoilers for Book of Boba Fett, bigger spoilers for Attack of the Clones, and a warning for FEELINGS.
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Very adorable, thank you for sharing this.
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I... was not expecting the room to be dusty.
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It's mind boggling that ND Stevenson hasn't been picked to helm a Star Wars project, and this comic only adds to the towering mountain of evidence that Star Wars really needs them.

She Ra was certainly the best new Star Wars to come along in years.
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It's mind boggling that the Nimona movie would've come out last month if Disney hadn't cancelled it.

I don't think Disney wants to give Stevenson budget to tell stories, not when Stevenson's work is as thematically queer and opposed to authoritarianism as it is.

My pet theory is that it's the latter - especially all the stuff in Nimona that's basically hitting the audience in the head with a brick marked "ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS" - that poses an even bigger problem for modern media empires than the former.
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There was going to be a Nimona movie?!
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Yes, there was.
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At least there's still a Lumberjanes animated series that's definitely still in production, I think? But only after a previous attempt at doing a Lumberjanes feature film met the same fate as Nimona during the Disney/Fox merger.
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I will never stop marveling at the amount of effort and skill that goes into fixing Star Wars, up to and including whole TV series dedicated to it. I wish the people who care to tell actually good stories had a chance to take the reins but I guess the best we can hope for is grown men playing with million dollar action figures.
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This was SO GOOD. It's my head canon from now on. Gosh, I wish they'd let Fennec and Boba have an ounce of the heart and soul in this comic in The Book of Boba Fett.
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This is great.
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Without getting into spoiler territory, there's a scene in the last season of She Ra which directly recalls the moments leading up to the climactic "I am your father" moment in Empire Strikes Back. All of the elements are there: the preceding desperate knock-out drag-out duel, the seemingly bottomless artificial chasm, one character cornered on a perilous ledge with the other making an emotional appeal to join them. And I swear the character making the appeal is even posed like Darth Vader, leaning slightly forward with their hand extended and pointing up in a grasping motion.

This is a scene which is undoubtedly Star Wars, and it's a moment which has been endlessly copied, retread, and referenced by thousands of middle-aged guys playing with their action figures. And yet, ND Stevenson assembles all of these tropes to do something very different and original. The scene in She Ra isn't some lazy copy of the scene from Star Wars with different characters placed in the Vader and Luke positions, it's a fundamental reworking of it that still has the same intensity and emotion of the original just with completely different stakes and a completely different context.

Over the years there have been lots of attempts to imitate Star Wars, sometimes even with more Star Wars (the prequels, the EU, the sequels), but I think ND Stevenson is one of the rare writers who actually gets it--they know what makes Star Wars, Star Wars.
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