Wordle but make it Sudoku
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So you've played the original, and the dirty version, and the version in your language, what could you possibly be missing? SQUARDLE! takes you to the next dimension.

A guy I know made this excellent, slightly demented, wordle-squared version of the game and I am finding it quite addictive. Perfect when you got a good warm-up from the original but are thirsty for more!
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Tricky. I'm still trying to parse all the clues and how to effectively use them. Not sure I like the enforced rotation around the square, it would be nice if I could guess again in the same row or column, but I can see why they did it that way.
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Sudoku isn't for me, but I have been enjoying Quordle .
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Oh, and as of yesterday, Wordle-But-Make-It-RPG: Dungleon.
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Was not expecting to have to think this hard first thing in the morning! Got it with one guess left, and the final word was one I’ve never read before. I look forward to getting better at heeding the clues.
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ahaha i feel so smart for solving this barely in time after using a lot of guesses figuring out how the rules worked. i love this one
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Did a practice game and managed to complete it, but that was tough.
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So far my favorite is the one Jessamyn tweeted recently, Semantle.
The secret word can be any English word of any length.
You get as many guesses as you want.
Each guess, the game tells whether your "close" or not, based on how "semantically similar" your word is to the secret word.
Today, I got it just 172 tries!
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All of my choices appeared blue.
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Took me two tries to grok this one. But now that I get it, it might be in my rotation.

along with wordle, quordle, dordle, worldle, and nerdlegame
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omg Bellman, I love Semantle! Thanks for that link, which I will probably sink many lunch breaks into.
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It took me four or five tries to finally win one, but I felt that I was close a few times before that, which surprised me because this seemed impossible to me based on just reading the clues.
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Yeah, I may never forgive Jessamyn for Semantle.
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2022, the year we all became amazingly familiar with five-letter words.
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I just noticed that it wasn't offering to show the solution on a fail so I fed back to the creator to give that option. Should be working with that function now.
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Be sure you don't miss out on on passWORDLE!
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I wanted to like this, but I couldn't understand what letters were and weren't in use, even after reading the instructions multiple times. I'll probably try again (I'm still 100% team Dordle, and haven't lost a Quordle yet, it's just less fun for me because I find myself always using the same starting words to hedge my bets)... But I feel like I'm missing some key metric to how it works,and it's probably math-based. Boo.
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If you liked Quordle, you'll enjoy Polydle!
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I’ve found a second home in Dordle.
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it's probably math-based. Boo.

No, keep trying! It's not math-afflicted: if it were, I'd never have figured it out. It's fun!

Problem one for me, they picked red, yellow, and green as indicator colors and the only one of those that makes sense is green. Green means correct, but red does not mean wrong; it means the letter appears in the column. The indicator colors took me forever to grasp.

The other thing I seem incapable of learning is that I can't play a word I know is correct for column one unless I'm in column one. If I'm in column two and I suddenly see what the word is for column one, I'm doomed. I'm going to lose my head and type the word and waste my guess.

Also, I have no idea what the shades of gray mean on the qwerty board.
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I'm enjoying Flaggle, which is teaching me some new flags.
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So far my favorite is the one Jessamyn tweeted recently, Semantle.

As far as this whole post, there goes the weekend.

As far as Semantle, got it in 47 and feel mighty pleased with myself considering I never, ever win 2048 and therefore play it constantly.

I lose at the mid point every. single. time. I even read up on the 'secrets' and even *with* the secrets I keep losing.

Oh well, gives me something to strive for.
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Don Pepino, it is apparently mid-grey for untried, light grey for exists somewhere the board and dark grey is for not on the board.
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Also there's someone posting their results as Townscaper buildings which is just wild! Semantle is going to take over my life I think, I just managed my first one in 80 moves.
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Ooh, I'm liking Squardle. I definitely needed to write it out on my own paper, but I got my 2nd one right! The design and layout could use some finesse, but kudos on a cool game.
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Ooo! I won Flaggle in two guesses despite knowing no flags whatsoever! It helped a lot that [redacted] has its [redacted] [redacted] on its flag.
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Good thing I got that long delayed work business out the way this week before I saw this post. Semantle is going to suck up so much time.
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Semantle is better with company. Just had a great time talking through today's with someone else who was really into it. We got it in 71!
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Board after 3 guesses:

I don't know that I'll come back to this but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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My Friday has been consumed by all these variants. Thank you. Gah, I'll have to work the weekend to make up for the lost day.

The interconnected squardle really got me going. The simple cyclic reduction of choices when cross referencing lists of answers was a great fun. 2 perl scripts and I can get most with 7 guesses remaining, with my best being 8.
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I'm hooked! Thanks for sharing!
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I love this!
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Took me a bit to realize there's rarely any value in typing out the actual correct word for any spot, unless you can't think of another word that includes the letters you're missing in the correct positions. (This either lets you glean additional information for other rows/columns without wasting a turn, or lets you complete, say, the top row and left column both in one turn.)
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Hi. I'm just here to brag:


Thank you.
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Like Wordle but the solution you guess toward matches the name of a word game. Its hints match the word game named solution's rules.
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Semantle was written by metafilter's own novalis_dt!
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Quardle is great! It took some getting used to, but I really enjoy it. It's at the sweet spot of mostly solvable (but not always for me), and using just enough attention that I can not think about other things.

Every time I lose, I look back and it's easy to see that hey! I knew four times that there couldn't be an e there! Why did I keep using one?
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Really glad for the addition of notes function. Won my first one in English!

I won Daily Squardle #20 with 5 guesses to spare!
Board after 3 guesses:
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I found another game while scrounging around on reddit for Semantle hints:
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I've played probably about a dozen Squardle games since this was posted and am really enjoying it! It reminds me a lot of classic logic games like Sherlock.
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