Martians may resemble the Spanish.
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Martians may resemble the Spanish. Scientists are studying a red river in Spain which flows through a deposit of pyrite, "has a pH similar to that of automobile battery acid and contains virtually no oxygen in its lower depths" to get an idea of what Martian microbes might be like. The critters found in the Rio Tinto are extremophiles, little microscopic buggers that can live miles underground, or in water 170 degree Celsius under deep-sea hydrothermal vents. (No word yet on whether there's a Portuguese connection.)
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Sigh. Of course, I goofed the one link I forgot to check. Correct: RRE
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Mrs. Richards: I've booked a room with a bath and a sea view.
Martian: Qué?
Mrs. Richards: K?
Martian: Sí.
Mrs. Richards: C?
Martian: No. Qué, "what."
Mrs. Richards: K. Watt?
Martian: Sí: qué, "what."
Mrs. Richards: C. K. Watt? Is he the manager?
Martian: Ah! Manajer! Mr. Fawlty.
Mrs. Richards: This man is telling me the manager is a C. K. Watt, aged forty.
Martian: No, Fawlty.
Mrs. Richards: Faulty? Why? What's wrong with him?
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"He's from Barcelona."
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Exremophiles!? I hope they keep a registry of these guys in case one of them tries to move into my neighborhood.
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my girlfriend is spanish, although not from barcelona. i haven't been brave enough to ask her if she has some distant interplanetary relations...
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